Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 21, 2015

………It’s No Good……..~by Vinod Kumar Mishra



………It’s No Good……..

It’s no good to go before you are in view when shadow soaks light,
An awaited evening is a walk to a fair in that you’ll come and we’ll smile,
Oh,trust me,I fight love and honour to make most of moments in union.

I can’t help feeling a feast in an august field decent flesh seeks wild forks,
To reflect inner ignition out to flout cosmetic gentility on fleeting flesh,
How nice of you-I’m not sad,I’m little glad you go to come for a few whiles.

It’s unwise to resist streaming passions at lips to kiss both shores,
To squeeze organic grapes for delicate bites till wild gale gets mild,
Is it any good to pray for no rain while Nature sprays sensual hormones?

Thanks to you,I owe,I could gather shingles you wrote our name on,
For love that lasts while there are breaths there saved in surplus,
Who cares-they shake their heads and dandruffs fall for no investment!

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