Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 23, 2015

Eve of Destruction~by Norman Wilson



Eve of Destruction

Tentacles of time have woven black
Eating on hearts broken and cracked
Soiled in webs held in haste of day
Waiting, ever waiting for souls of clay

Dyed in blood on painted red walls
As structures fall to death’s last call
Folks close eyes, for shame for shame
While people die in whose own name

The dead are gone and left in fray
From fringe of war that tears away
Abating hearts in pain and slaughter
As leading nations can only teeter tauter

Shall there ever be peace in our lifetime
Shall we sit and break bread and sip wine
While major players keep vying for power
As life totters on the brink, hour by hour

Go sleepless with them into the affray
As they go threadbare in the final day
For words will be what lights the way
When we all go into the night, unafraid

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