Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 23, 2015





People are gathered for sermon of peace
Visit of the seers from holy land of god,
All information gathered from internet
Letting you gape at posters beside streets.

We hear the texts of love written in words
Oblivious of lies, bribes and crimes committed
The sullen day broods over faces of adulterers
The evening melts the darkling moments.

Have you betrayed your lover?
Kept in starvation old parents at home,
Are you Locked up inside for joy of yours?
Merciless as a wolf in raping the children
Like a hungry sea in wild storm on huts
What appears as truth in words is left as lies.

Swollen up like an ugly toad to croak
Writhing and gnawing in blazing summer,
Dreaming of rain is a dreadful dream
You have turned the bower into a desert.

God smiles at men in fun of his mind
I am there in your goodness of deeds
Love my creation helping each other
Before barely seen as smoke in my sky.

You stand firm like a tree even in storm
Flown away to shore even in flood,
Your heart to listen not words of seers
Your head to think not words of a text
Your soul to execute the sublime love.

Composed and copyright by Rajendra K. Padhi


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