Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 24, 2015

Priceless moments~by rldubour



Priceless moments

While sitting on the couch one night a thought occurred to me.

That there is nothing quite so priceless, as those commercials on TV.

Like the one with dad spending time with his only son.

Or the young girl figure skating and the gold that she just won.

Or the new mom with her camera taking memories.

Ant the mountain climber finally reaching the peak of all his dreams.


Why do we miss these priceless moments and memories like this?

When will we learn to put things aside for some happiness?

Most everyne is in a rush and don’t have time no more.

Not knowing how many priceless moments have passed them all before.

These priceless commercials that I view if only more could see.

Maybe more would appreciate their friends and family.


Know every moment is priceless as you go about your day.

Know every moment will be no more and forever gone away.

Gather all those priceless moments and store them in your hearts.

With just a smile to a stranger, can be where you could start.

A hug and kiss to those you love and tell them that you do.

These are the priceless moments that you never want to lose.

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