Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 25, 2015

I FALL TO RISE~by Rajendra Padhi




A life of breath to breath time disports
When the sun of worldly ties take them all,
The stars open the doors of sky longing me
Surround me as a rosary of jewels as their king.

The ladder of words I ride upon my thought
Flowing in my mouth’s flute slept in the spring
Fall swiftly like dew on the petals of my soul.

I am festooned with a garland of peace
Basking in aroma of silent words with stars,
As I hear the petals falling from flowers
Like my childhood and youth in these hours.

Glossy like the lightening-streaked clouds
Life disappears with a rain of smile and tears
Now I talk to stars gleaming in their words.

I fall as an arrow from a flight for goal
Dodders to clutch the stick of my desires,
My solitude is a princely gift of insight
Treading a new path of the country I belong.

I am spared for debating on life and death
Clad in the rags of opinion great and small
Higher and higher I rise from this little fall.

Composed and copyright by Rajendra K . Padhi

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