Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 25, 2015

*My Lie*~by Bhat Naieem



*My Lie*

No words to explain
The power and greatness
Of a lie …….my lie

In my mind
Keeps dancing
Yes a lie… lie

I fear to face truth
I don’t know why
I don’t even try

I’m a great liar
Everything I utter except my cry
Is a lie………my lie

I’m in love with a lie
Dwelling in a lie
Living a lie……….my lie

My mind and heart is
Soaked in juicy dreams
Granted by a lie… lie

Why should I leave it?
For all my hopes and smiles
Are gifts of a LIE….my lie

I know I can’t fight reality
Cause my peace lies in a lie
In you ….. oh my lie

In my life truth had worn
The gown of pain and despair
So I hugged a lie ……….my lie

I know lying is a sin
And i don’t want to spin
So I made lie my kin

Stay away from us
For I surely shall die
If you harm my lie

©Bhat Naieem
All Rights Reserved

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