Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 25, 2015

The Secret Of Love~by Gina Ancheta Agsaulio



The Secret Of Love

Here started our LOVE

Where wonderful feelings

Dreams growing and gleams

A lovely °Aura” that shows

There is no secret place

To hide the secret of love

For you and me, as “We”

As we will defined the heart

Here finds all the lyrics

The beats, and our song

As one heart, one soul

Lifelines and breathing

Where only you and me to find

Without your love, my dear

My life would be out of control

You are my life’s sweet essence

In our life we’ve found self-confidence

Inside your heart and mine

“WE” signed and engraved

An open heart into other dimension

But only TIME can tell us when

Lets take time and enjoy life

A definite revolution, an evidence

To be drowns by adventure

Of lifes spirit and openness

For a bigger and a better life

That is what they call my dear heart

“The Magical World of Romance”



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