Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 26, 2015

Daily missive for Tuesday the 26th of May.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Tuesday the 26th of May.

Easily unsettled
Even after so long,
Surviving on half chances
The fragile ego
Is a masochist.
Pushing at boundaries,
Expanding its influence
Whilst dragging its feet.
For fear of slipping
Between the cracks.
Puffing out its chest,
Bloating its domain
As it defends against
The wilder excess
Of its eccentric side.
Wobbling precariously,
When held to account
By the fractious voice
Of its inner demon.
The doubting Thomas
That has burdened
Its passage,
Hampered its growth
And despoiled any
Pleasure it may have gleaned,
From any success
In the progress
It was charged to make,
Over the course of life.
Pulling the rug from under
Too many times
To be coincidence.

Sabotage can become
An art form.
And even as the voices
Gently chatter,
The call to fail
Is still a conversation
With a point to prove.
It can still inflict
A poisoned barb
With potent accuracy,
Make a sacrificial killing.
With no need at all
For blood to be spilled,
It drains courage from the soul.
And in the autumn
Of the years,
When many lessons
Have been learned,
And living should be easy,
The ego may shy away
From the struggle
To confront
This tiresome combination.
As, reckless articulation
Rails, against the stultifying
Of its own self-critical,
Still fanatical,
Mirror image.
Until the damage
Together they may impart,
Leaves its mark,
On the lonely heart.

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