Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 27, 2015

#63~by Bhat Naieem




Eyes iluminated unending fire
With Peering peering start
Mind stood aghast
Far far Apart
Beauty enslaved heart,
Mind keeps apart
Knows all truths
Caresses heart retard
Love crosses far ways
beauty immortal stays
broken heart keeps record
Mind keeps far away
Heart now….not a heart
Pieces in my fist
Duped Pieces yearn
To quench juvenile thirst
Vivid scenes of murky love
Still create nuisance …how?
Atrocities of tyrant love
Pours sweet…..sweet flow
Silently feeble heart weeps
Remenicing mirths……sleeps
veils tears…..O….So smart
Bruised heart…….why?
Pretends to be unhurt
“All pain …….mine
Eyes…… not a part”
Mind died in heart war
Lost all love and peace
“your hurts i adore”
Still Utters a remanant piece

©Bhat Naieem
All Rights Reserved

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