Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 30, 2015

FLIGHT~by Saroj Padhi




Swans fly in and out of a clear sky
In mind’s afternoon eye
As in chase of some lofty dream they fly
To the edge of some distant horizon
Where tresses of Ocean glint in darkish crimson
In wait for the lover Sun to come and hide,
Before heaving out of a dark nest like a bird
After an act of coition, to fill the lungs
So as to croon inside the caves, of a new liberation .

Tremors from an unknown centre are silenced
Into the compromising waves
That surge to catch up with their flights, but sink deeper
In realization of their limits
To sad whimpers, after wild raves;

Tossing between the two, I jump, hop and jabber
Away into an eerie silence
In the shores of my seething blood,
In infinite wait for an unknown tide
To wash me away in its teeming flood .

@SAROJ K. PADHI 30/05/15


  1. Beautiful, Saroj! So many great images flowing in this piece!

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