Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 31, 2015

Lunar Eclipse~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa



Lunar Eclipse

Just four to seven times we can be together
Every year our passions darkness shall cover
And in the sky we shall merge and clouds we gather
Life on earth shall pause of our union wonder

For endless days and nights I have followed your path
Keeping a distance away from your fiery wrath
Yet from your great light my ever-changing face bath
Each phase calculated by astronomy’s math

From far distance you may have smiled at my mood swings
At the surging of tides that my loneliness brings
When half my face hides behind the black curtain clings
I would have flown to you if only I have wings

Just four to seven times a lover’s kiss we shared
Every year only then can we show that we cared
And in those rare moments no second have we spared
Life on earth shall pause with some humans trembling scared

With screams and drumbeats they try to separate us
Ill-starred lovers on a rendezvous soon to pass


  1. I enjoyed the metaphor you used in the lunar eclipse. Good poem.

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