Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 31, 2015

Peace of love~by Nutan Sarawagi

These lines wwre inspired by Mandour Saleh Hikel ‘s beautiful poem ‘ Some very close friend ‘


Peace of love

In mountain springs
In a heart that sinks
In an eternal love
That drowns sweet springs
As you wade in them
way past
beyond care
In a love that takes you nowhere
Yet you want to cry and sing in a love
that has no pity in it , it only sings
in a love so deep beneath the ocean blue
in it to reverbate , it’s love for you
to sing for you , in a love more beautiful than you
as your tiny souls rest in peace
breaking the land’s peace with world peace
as I hear your cries shouting past me
breaking all the peace within me
crying to the sounds of love
we don’t want war
we want only love to love and love and love ,
just love in it taking , world’s all love
to never rest in peace , until we have all their love
in it taking all our love , in the name of love
Only peace to love , with us please to love , breaking all bonds of love
extending all love to boundaries , to stop short of love
Only to draw boundaries of love , Only drawn in love
with more love colored in love with our love
just love
to never let go in it’s color , to remain in the colors, as it was drawn that day
taking away with it , it’s hate of that day
when we lay in one , as one , together in one
to hold it , never go , always come
in peace , as it lies in it’s love , overcome
holding the globe of peace , to the world
where there is no other love
but only global peace , glowing in it’s love
just love
as it lights our heart
to burn in it’s peace , no longer burning the world , in pieces of love
only in the peace of love , to love only peace ,in it’s peace to love
As we bow to peace
in our heads bowed in love
We know now only love
The peace of love !

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