Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 1, 2015

IN SERENITY~by Rajendra Padhi




Time threw me as a flower in its ceaseless flow
Hardly answering my questions of windy life,
Withering to be born again from frightening silence
I talked to me face to face in my sad mirror
Yet there was someone holding my trembling hands
The seeds in me bore my identity sprouting leaves.

I preferred to cry a lot putting an end to my past
Moving in rhythm of life as it comes with time,
Knowing meeting hours long and parting so quick
Where are the bees those sipped the nectar?
The simple meanings teach me every hour
The fading day whispers I forget my name at last.

I am like a flower holding the rain drops of past
It shall fall fast I can’t see them anymore in petals,
It is only memory like a vast vessel with crew
I stand before the window taking only its view,
I lie like a road still feeling how feet of people move
Left alone at night again that holds my changing self.

I am wrapped coolly in every breath of time
Ruins of the past in gratitude unbridled my days,
When summer’s heat is gone with burning flame
The clouds stand at the door murmuring in shower,
I read the world in the eyes of a child
Smiling in tearful eyes I sort out ways of truth.

Composed and copyright by Rajendra K. Padhi

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