Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 1, 2015

The Poem of Infinism…~by Akshaya Kumar Das



The Poem of Infinism…

if mandrake root was infinite,
if a falling star was infinite,
the poem of infinism,
dreamt infinitesimal..
the mermaid is no realism,
the fathomless is no surrealism,
in isms souls merge in,
the primordial infinism,
the placental infinism,
feelings of infinism,
hides somewhere in,
the inn or altar ,
the mosque or the temple,
where does the infinism,
really exist,
the real existentialism,
always eludes humanism,
from times’ immemorialism,
comes the prism,
if the maize is illusionism,
if the words are syllogism,
in so much falsism,
the universeism,
realism or fakism
twins of immemorialism,
time never dies in the ism,
ism is cult of humanism,
subjects to objects all live in theosophy of ism,
(c) Akshaya Kumar Das 01/06/2015 6:46 hrs…

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