Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 2, 2015

Mystic Reflections~by Norman Wilson



Mystic Reflections

She titillated my senses
My senses from a magical youth
Where I gave my love freely
To find out our loves truth
She rose from a mist of heaven
Ghostly as the dew filled air
From a mystic pond of reflections
With long straw golden hair
My kisses chased her soul
On the winds of our affair
From the storm of our affection
Fraught from an unearthly mist of air
The magic of our romance
Drifted in the shadows on the wind
Where mysteries of our youth
Joined together our hearts within
Now I am old and grey
With only memories of my passed
Where I will think of the mystic reflections
Of the girl in the misty pond of glass

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