Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 2, 2015

Tell Me There IS Hope~by Hela Tekali



Tell Me There IS Hope

I cannot live with Hope
I am lost like a greasy soup
Pretending to possess
physical strength for much endurance
Denying my potential to withstand obstacles with much prudence
But when I open my eyes
I am deceived with bleak
All I want is to wake
And climb high
Though each time I stumble
and break my thigh
Tell me there is hope…
That tomorrow the Sun will rise again
And from climbing high i should not abstain
How can I believe in hope that will never die?
When faced with so many obstacles i cannot sigh
Tell me there is hope…
Even if you lie to me and take me for a dope…
I need to have faith in myself to stick to
To never despair in all I plan to do..
Life has no meaning without sacrifice
Enduring a passion involving suffering
For a noble price…
Tell me there is Hope…
Tell me there is Hope…
Even in the face of darkness
I should not despair
Though hope is frail
I should climb high the uncertain stairs
For my dream not to remain an illusion
For my despair to cease its harassing confusion
Opening my eyes so wide and be blessed in vain..
In front of so much Rose’s profusion..

Jenayah Hela
Spiritual Poetry >3′

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