Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 3, 2015

The mood of a bird~by Yassin Sbai



The mood of a bird

Sometimes the bird

Somewhere perched

Sings sings


In a morning hour

Or evening hour

At dusk, at dawn

During the day

During the night


No urge no spur

Just the mood

Of singing


And then sometimes

No taste to utter a single tone


By the lake

Sought a willow tree

With roots sunken in

Damp earth and grass


With a generous shade

Clang to its elastic bough

Silently gazes at the lake


For an hour

For a day

For a month

Or more


Then suddenly


By itself

The dried source

Or the silent fountain



Melodic tunes

Start flowing again


It is in its veins

It is just hidden inside


CR Sbai Yassin


  1. I enjoyed your poem about the birds singing.

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