Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 3, 2015

+++++++++++++ WHO REALLY CARES +++++++++++++~by Vivek Dubey



+++++++++++++ WHO REALLY CARES +++++++++++++

Having seen
Good and bad phases of life
It’s easy to describe
What I was unable to realize
As it’s never clear
Like a simple tricky puzzle
When it’s come to think and decide
Who really cares for us
All the time , throughout our life

Yes we live with
Parents , siblings and our cousins
Who love and care for us
As much as they can
We also spend time with
Our friends , girl friend or boy friend
Who sometimes say sweetly
They don’t wish to live , being away from us
Even for a second , even for a moment

Even seeing such love
Question keeps storming my mind
Who really cares for whom
Is there really anyone
Who really cares for someone

As children leave
Their own parents alone , in their old time
Forcing them to live , a helpless life
With a feeling in heart and mind
Why they wished to have children , once in their life

Siblings who grew up together
Eating in same plate, drinking water in same glass
Once they are grown , behavior changes
They start acting like,they are unknown creatures

Who really cares for us
I guess doesn’t matter ever
What really matters is
Whom we cared like ours
When it was required , when it was need hours

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