Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 4, 2015

Coming Today~by Norman Wilson



Coming Today

There is something wonderful coming today
It is coming upon the winds directly this way
Shattering barriers of love blossoming rings
Rings circling all wonderful things in spring

The robins sing their song of wondrous joy
As children run and play with new spring toys
The tulips blossom in yellow before my eyes
While the wolf at night bellows mating cries

The aficionados paint the moon in blue glass
As the long night comes at first before the last
Where vows of love come bundled in ecstasy
As dreams come in thoughts of make believe

The seamstress sews dresses hemmed in lace
The constable walks the parks keeping all safe
Life is spring anew to coming sun drenched day
Where sling of arrows finds hearts as fresh prey

I see promises of trees with budding green leaves
While the deer run along the river wild and free
I thank God for the blessing that came our way
I thank you dear Lord for this beautiful spring day

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