Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 4, 2015

Daily missive for Thursday the 4th of June.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Thursday the 4th of June.

It is a brightening.
Fill me up,
Let it be over,
The darkening of days,
The hounding of nights,
Long on bleak encounters.
It is a lightening.
Paint me happy,
Wash me all over,
Cleanse my soul.
Keep my ragged thoughts
In your pocket,
They are not deal breakers
But it would be
The boost a fragile ego
Might need to
Salve the whisper
In the doubt.
But wait,
Stay this foolish thought.
Nothing I say
Carries weight.
It is nonsense to believe
You will pull me out,
Brush me off
And follow my lead.
What was I thinking
To gamble my future
On the turn of a phrase,
When it is nothing
But a deck of cards,
Stacked in favour
Of the house.
At least I know
The stick in your mouth
Is a toothpick,
And not a sliver,
A bite sized splinter
Of an open heart.
Dispensed as a token
Of appreciation,
Given as a closet charm,
From the safety
Of distance.
Do you strut
On the far side,
Where the sun always shines.
Surround yourself,
In a halo of brightness,
Only ever found in patches,
On this side of the tracks.
Am I here
For days like this.
When the sweet
Heat of the sun
Warms the breath,
Leaves vapour trails
Across my soul,
Fills my heart with
The after taste
Of a beggar
At a banquet I thought
Had been prepared
To ease my hunger,
For more than
Just the time it takes
To read these lines,
And then,
My name for ever.

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