Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 5, 2015

Daily missive for Friday the 5th of June.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Friday the 5th of June.

It happens,
When least predictable.
Bowling along,
Feeling a rare moment
Of satisfaction
With where you are.
At home in mind
And body,
All things in equilibrium,
A hint of pleasure
You have managed
To travel so far
Along the road
Without feeling
The need to stop,
Take it easy,
Wait for a bus.
Which is altogether,
Too much fuss.
Or spend a little
Precious time
In appreciation,
Of the surroundings.
When for good,
Or bad,
All you had
Was the need to
See what might lie
Over the ridge,
On the far side,
Across the bridge,
No matter how wide.
Why stop to worry,
All bases are covered,
Nothing can go wrong
When it is going so well.
But who can tell
What it will take,
For even the
Best of times
To change.
It has happened before
Hard luck is no stranger,
You really should know
By now,
That just when it appears
Life has turned a corner,
You are blown
Off course,
By the pace of
Something coming
At you
From so far left field
You are swept to the side
Of the road.
With more than ego,
Seriously hurt,
Eating dirt.
And blaming yourself.
Even when
Your head aches
And you had no idea
What would lie
Around the next turn,
Beyond the brow
Of a distant hill,
Flying out,
On your blind side.
You really should
Have learned
Your lesson,
However hard
It may be,
Whatever else
In life you
Think you know,
What you do,
Or where you go,
At the very least,
In this life,
You must,
Come to expect
The wholly unexpected.

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