Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 5, 2015

“Discontinuity”~by Eddie Pop




We are brothers; did you forget what Mum said?
We have to stand as one that’s what Dad said!
Please siblings, remember what we really are,
We are all part of this big great strong star;
Aren’t you sick and tired of this nonsense war?
Don’t you think you have gone too far?
For God sake, you need to get back your sanity,
We’re not going to be immature for eternity;
I can’t believe we turned out to be so lost,
Father’s fears, mother’s tears, that’s the cost!
We forgot and destroyed the essence of our family,
Yet Dad and Mum taught us how to behave civilly;
I’m so ashamed, we spoiled their memory,
We are acting like cold blood mercenaries,
Our hearts look frozen like the coldest Januaries,
Aren’t you bored of messing this memory?
Alas I am as guilty as all of you,
Even if I have regrets unlike all of you;
Every day I pray God to purify your souls,
And to free your brains from your bowls.


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