Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 5, 2015

SILENCE~by Hela Tekali




There is something purer and greater
than what the mouth utters
Something that brings each mind to clutter
SILENCE illuminates every soul
Whispers to our hearts and brings them as whole
SILENCE separates us from ourselves
Makes us sail the firmament of our spirit
Pushes its overpowering emotion beyond its limit and brings us closer to heaven
SILENCE makes us feel our bodies no more than a passage from this place of exile
Though the distance that separates earth from heaven seems a thousand mile
The scent of flowers mingled with the whisper of the breeze
Listening silently to the breathing of sleeping nature meant for our souls to calm down, to appease
While faraway in the blue sky, the eyes of heaven illuminate the soul of every human creature
The spirit that hears the whispering of flowers, the singing of silence can also hear the shrieking of every human soul, the clamour of every living heart..
For you have to know there is something higher and deeper than the ocean
Stranger than life and death
Purer than drops of dew on leaves of a Lily
A supreme thought, a beautiful, overpowering emotion living in every human spirit..

Jenayah Hela
Spiritual Poetry
Inspired from The Broken Wings

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