Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 5, 2015

The Well Of Love~by Hela Tekali



The Well Of Love

My soul is driven to your profound well
the secret of life it hides so well
From its purity i’d like to drink
In the unfathomable labyrinth of its ecstasy and pleasure my soul craves to sink
Does your well contain so much pure water?
For I am longing to quench my thirst of knowledge if it doesn’t matter
I desire to drink from where you saved Joseph soul by Miracle
I ‘d like its Holy water to serve as my valuable Oracle…
The secret of love…
The secret of water…
The secret of life …
The secret of ecstasy…
All that I need to feed my insatiable desire
showering my soul with your watery gifts to extinguish my fire
Do you promise me if I toil on watering thy soil from your gifted well?
You will free my disheartened soul from living in hell
For my soul seeks a heightened space
To be healed with your Noble Coran shielded away from harm in your soft embrace
Oh! God let me quench my quest for knowledge from your deep well
Let my illusive dream turn into reality just for one second for my fairy tale to tell
Dwelling my soul in the entanglement of the secret labyrinth of your love
Decoding the mystery of the Well of Ecstasy is what I m longing for
Fusing my watery toil with its fertile garden to quench my thirsty desire just more and more…

Jenayah Tekali Hela
Spiritual Poetry

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