Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 11, 2015

In her broken end~by Nutan Sarawagi

These lines were inspired by Ron DuBour


In her broken end

In her broken heart she lay ,
in her broken friend
Her love for him forever grew ,
in him to never end !
for she was love born out of love ,
in a love to never end !
her end was clear before her eyes ,
in her love to end !
it grew and grew and kept growing in it ,
in it to never end !
until she had reached in herself ,
reached her life’s dead end !
from which there was no return
in it her life now did end !
a life of hope and fortitude
of her life which began in it’s end !
in which she lived till she died ,
until it’s very end
to reach its very end !
from a point of no return
to live it to it’s end
an end which had no end !
which continued in itself
never knowing it’s end !
a forever going ,
a never happy ,
never ending ,
endless end !

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