Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 11, 2015

” lost selves “~by Raj Babu Gandham



” lost selves “

the scent of your sweat
the heat of your breath
the silk on your lips
the looks from your eyes
all call me in silence
all want me in embrace
to taste your lips
to melt in your breath
into your depths you pull
in your caves I roam
spilling love you and me
we rejoice in one another
who is you, who is me
when you in me, I in you
breaking the barriers
cutting the periphery
we indulge in each
seeking more, pleading much
to churn our core
and to melt in love
in these frozen times
our breaths stood still
our hearts sank in each
to bind our beings
to bond our love
we crossed oceans
we roamed in skies
we played in forests
night or day
we sought in each
skimming our love
we screamed in silence
losing ourselves
we searched for each
to find
you in me, me in you
~ yathi rajbabu gandham

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