Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 11, 2015

…WAKE UP….~by Nutan Sarawagi



She said there was nothing,
and You believed
obeyed her..for so long
though..You knew
that was not a heap of straw
there was not walls of
mud only
there was something
so precious to You,
but You remained silent
for so long…
Never ever gathered the
courage to say ‘no’
with a voice of eloquence,
never ever tried
to resist for once
though..You were always
hurt and dieing…bit by bit
by her sarcasm….
You consoled yourself
and lived a life of
dumb and numb…
You knew,the heap of straw
had life in it
with watery eyes
and dropped shoulders
with bend waist
and weirry vision…
it was not a valley of deads…
it was a world of
livlihood and joy….
You cherished…
every moment of it
silently….heavy heartedly…
You knew..the shoulder
was dropped…
because,it was your seat
to school…
the waist was bent
in fulfilling your dreams…
the eyes were watery
with a hope of your
coming back
wanley….beacause of
water or tear…You
knew that better…
You had a flicker shed of ‘You’..left there to die
So how long this dumb life!!!
You will live…
now its time to wake up…
You need to recollect
some strength
to run from this life of numbness
to run hard…
leaving everything behind….
no need to worry about her…
She was never being a part…
She will never be a part…
So run faster…
as earlier…as better
to the cluster of life
and never look back….

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