Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 12, 2015

Daily missive for Friday the 12th of June~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Friday the 12th of June

Above the clouds.

We forget clouds,
Not their essence
How they come to be,
And how the world
Would be without them,
That we understand.
But the complex
Nature of the spritely
Their abstractions,
Shapes and sizes,
Too amorphous
To hold in memory.
They twist and change
Rearranging ever so slowly
As they go.
Until the tension
And they spume with rage,
Jostle and barge
Through disordered,
Wind tossed air.
A full blown charge
An Armada
Of ghostly galleons.
Expanding ever higher,
Splitting the atom.
A long jet of ink,
A thin, sliver
Of dark matter,
Snakes through,
In overlay.
A black, oily slick,
Brings its own organic
Cloud pollution.
And the sky falls in.
Deeper than the ocean
Leaving nothing but
Empty spaces
And wind chasers,
Bottomless holes,
Between the endless
Where, even
Hidden among the shallows,
The whisper
Of a squall might
Yet wait.

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