Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 12, 2015

Have I Meet You~by Gina Ancheta Agsaulio



Have I Meet You

Have I meet you only once

You brought the sun in my life

Made me shine so bright and dance

You are the drug that I ever like


I think of those words and memories

A part of millions of puzzles in pieces

As two hearts in one soul we are the best

In my heart and life, only one is exist.


If in happiness or loneliness

A rhythm and music of loveliness

Sometimes there are times of confusion

Fears and tears, an uncontrolled emotion


No matter how often we break apart

There is always a piece of love at heart

And saying,”The storm is not yet over,

Learn to fight with the wind

Stand up, don´t give up to dance in the rain,

It´s time to let the teardrops with all the pain”.


If anything seems wrong, accept and learn

With a loving heart and forgiving in return

A keen sense of passion and healing words

Is the only way to open a perfect new world.


This are all the treasures and lifes adventures!!



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