Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 15, 2015

DEAR LORD….~by Suzette Portes San Jose




i am not perfect….

unknowingly i’ve done
so much mistakes in life…
i admit them ,
and feel sorry…

for every wrong i’ve done
i know i will hurt you…
and will hurt you more
and more each day…

i am not perfect..

forgive me lord
for having sinned…
i know i will do it again
and will hurt you …

forgive me lord
for being me…
human as i am for mistakes
i am sorry …

i am not perfect…

for all that i ‘ve done
i am sorry…
for all that i’ve done
judge me…

i had cost you pain
forgive me…
i am no saint or angel
but take me..


  1. Yeah… M not perfect… Beautiful lines.

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