Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 15, 2015

HE SPEAKS ……~by Rajendra Padhi




He could live for himself sternly in the fog of time
Chaffing thoughts of insanity never tidy for his goals,
He now shines through dark acts, softer to kill
In a dark note, a ghost orbiting democracy around
Self- cuffed people surround as slaves utterly primal.

Millions of people wear skin of self –deception
Dumb and deaf having tongues, eyes and ears
We have done badly, the quixotic cattle –shows of poor
In the sour- note in the newspapers everyday
The clowning of things tearing human heart
What a mess, a whirlpool of words stirring blood.

The old winter coughs in long miles of misrule
Disturbs night sleep of a journalist shut dead
The rust could not stop him cleaning the key,
He is silent like the rock of the winds blowing around
Smashing his trafficking thoughts in mind
With the smile of a dead-leaf falling and falling.

Tutored into a smile not his own quickly disappear
Here words make our worlds of funeral around,
Scarfed in a diaphragm we can’t see us face to face
The cruel wish staring in the flat-eyed killer fish
Burst the heart and moves about his ways …………

Composed and copyright by Rajendra K. Padhi

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