Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 15, 2015

Under the Moon~by Norman Wilson



Under the Moon

Middling was the night
As love circled the world in mend
Below the northern porous light
When the moon started to ascend

I noticed the stars firing in glow
Before the dark shaded away
To an opening bloom of a spring moon
Laden by the heartaches of yesterday

I walked the streets alone
Near the lake rippling in moonlit blue
For what seemed like many hours
As the sun awoke spilling fresh morning dew

My love past away the day before
Before I could hold her tight
Then kiss her tender lips once more
As the moon sunk with her light

My priorities seemed all screwed up
As I was working day and night at the mill
When she died in a car accident
With her secret lover Bill

I left her alone at home at nights
With loneliness, she could no long bear
As she hungered under a spring moon
For a man who was never there

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