Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 16, 2015

Flock of Sweat~by Norman Wilson



Flock of Sweat

There is a beast amongst us
She rips away at the soul
She comes in the midnight hour
When the moon is full and whole

She wraiths the mind and body
Then leaves no flesh upon the bone
For those that wish to hunt her
She disappears in the vale amongst the stones

An unclean vaporous mist surrounds her
When she appears in the village in the glen
She waits in the alleys around the tavern
To prevail over the week sickly townsmen

There will be a flock of dripping sweat
That pours down her back
Tipping towards the eastern star
As the skies draped her in black

When the moon is full at the midnight hour
With a scent of sweat whisking thru the air
Do not venture out in the unclean black
As the beast will be waiting for you there

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