Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 20, 2015

Return The Pain~by Melvina Germain



Return The Pain

Your pain condemned by the powerful few

no one standing or caring just for you.

Demeaned in character, a valueless being,

that was the shell the officer seen.


Screams echo while piercing the air

weeping like willows you lay in despair.

Haunting breath breathes the rage of a man,

power hungry, ruthless heavy hand.


God’s chosen being, the creators womb

brutalized by a sinners need to consume.

That lonely night, a highway nightmare blues

no account covered on the evening news.


Why must woman who populates the world

bleed profusely as horrific insults hurl.

How much pain must females endure

while raging lunatics look out for more.


Darkness will unfold in a slayers poignant doom

as his blood flows violently in a soundproof room.

No compassion or remorse shall find the face

of a killer who believes he has God’s grace.


Written by:  Melvina Germain

Date:          June 20/2015

Time:         5:32am

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