Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 20, 2015

Story of My Life~by Jessabelle Autumn


Story of My Life

As I flip the paper
Pages after pages
In this book of life
My tears start to fall

For the words written
Embedded with sorrow
Hidden agony lies within
Endless burden keeps haunting
On and on, over and over again

Then I turn the paper again
This time it’s blank and plain
I need to write another chapter
I have to kill the weakness
I have to demolish the fear
Within the character

And so I use my pen as the weapon
Fanning the flame with my word
Igniting the spark of hope
Lighting up the confidence
To chase away those doubts
To bring out the inner strength
To conceal insecurity

Only then the flow will change
Sadness will be buried
Darkness will be ruined
The bright sky is always there
Waiting to be found
I have the power to change
For I own the copyright of this piece
For I am the author
For this is my own story
My destiny


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