Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 21, 2015

Happy Fathers Day…….~by Rajendra Padhi



Happy Fathers Day…….

There somebody waits for me as a shadow
Somewhere beyond my comprehension,
Far from my time that breaks like dolls
Memory comes as if from magician’s cloth
In illusions only shine upon my thoughts.

Engraved in mind though in the grave
How he called me in so many names!, I ran
slipping into his heart solemn and serene,
His love I feel now as a father in his art
the joy of the creator streaming in eyes.

The fledgling endeavor of the gardener
Rendering sweat and blood for purest love
Reasoned in me when I see flowers smiling
Beautifying the garden called home in earth.

He is featured in me never to expire
Connected with me as I float in time forward,
A dark farewell pushes me faster and faster
But I find in my daughter my immortality.

Composed and copyright by Rajendra K. Padhi

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