Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 23, 2015

CRAZY LOVERS ~by Dr. S. P. Nanda”Aas”.




We are unaware of realities,
Worshiping, fleshy personalities,
Now living in rotten graves,
Out off colours and shapes,
Illusions haunting,tigers snakes,
Mysterious fearfull myths, faiths,
Only mammals on this earth,
Oh, miserable useless search,
Chasing death point from birth,
Endless struggle for existence,
Till last breath on this earth,
Treacherous passions cheating nerves,
Dreamy flavours,, alluring desires,
Fleshy beauty seducing us all,
Pleasures for eyes,everywhere,
Decorations of body, crazy lovers,
Bees ever humming on flowers,
Flames of lust, burning more,
Attraction of beauty, killing sure?
Why, sunny rays darker more,
Epicuric rosy waves on shores?


  1. beautiful

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