Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 23, 2015

“Hey Cupid!”~by Eddie Pop



“Hey Cupid!”

Hey you little stupid Cupid!
Stop messing with my heart lid!
Throw no more arrow!
Don’t leave me hollow!
I don’t want to fall again,
I’ve had my dose of no gain;
Hearts are not for play!
It’s not just a say!
You’re too young to understand,
This stake’s too big for your hand;
We don’t often tell you,
But we’re done through;
I know you want to do right,
But just stop shooting at sight!
You just cannot aim,
Like in a junk game?
Well! If you will shoot my chest,
Just make sure to shoot her next!
Alone it can’t work,
There will be no perk!
Two arrows might be just fine,
And we’ll not miss love’s true line;
You see! It’s not hard,
You just never tried!
When you’ll grow up you’ll realize,
That this matter’s off your size;
Stay away from me!
Stop playing with me!
You need an elder trainer,
Before then go play else where!
I’ll tell your parents,
If you don’t consent!


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