Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 23, 2015

Will you remember. ~by Hana Shiny



Will you remember.

Will you remember me
A heart beating of a rose
Flowered and virginaly closed
A bud in the garden of life
A delight veiled with a thousand clouds…

You came , spring with purple rays
“Blue Danube” melody starts to play
Sunrise touches with lights of love
Awakened traps of desire’s dove
Sprinkled magic dust upon the way

Closed eyes opened wide apart
Ears..seeking much more to hear
Will you remember that innocent bud
Unfolded under a blanket of stars
A rose between roses ..receiving the fly
That gives her life..while getting her nectar

In heaven a lighted bliss
From the core of a rose
Stepped out a delight
Blooming magically with a holy kiss. .

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