Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 24, 2015

Long, long ago~by rldubour



Long, long ago

Once upon a time long, long ago

Lived a little angel with pure wings of gold.

No one has ever seen her; this is what I’m told.

Seen this little angel with her wings of gold.

Deep inside the forest is where she did call home

She was the angel in the chorus, she never felt alone.

She would spend her day, spreading dewdrops on the ground.

As she flew here and there and never made a sound.

The animals they seemed to know her each and every thought.

Of the peace and happiness that she always brought.

Then one day she saw a light, flickering in the trees.

She flew up to investigate, to see what this might be.

She found another angels with pure wings of gold.

This is how the story goes; at least this is what I’m told.


She slowly did approach and saw heaven in His eyes.

As He spoke with arms out stretched, “Come, sit here by my side.”

She sat there in the arms of God as He explained to her.

She did not speak her eyes were wide, as she took in every word.

He told her of the forest, that she took such loving care.

Then sent her on a special mission, spreading peace to everywhere.

She said good bye to all her friends and the forest that she loved.

And with her wings of gold she just flew high above.

From the valleys to the mountaintops, she had a task to do.

Instead of spreading dewdrops, it was peace for me and you.

Peace for all mankind that lives upon the land.

This was the angels mission to bring peace to mortal man.

She did her job very well and God was very pleased.

Then sent her back to her forest, where she was more in need.


  1. i believe it, great flow, blessings

  2. Reblogged this on paddypicasso and commented:
    do you want your heart to flicker?

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