Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 24, 2015

Teenagers!~by rldubour




How can we forget our teenage years?

When we were smarter than all our peers!

Mom and Dad, they were pretty dumb.

They had no idea we were having fun.

Just wanted to be like all our friends.

And make our own decisions, however they should end.

We lied and sneaked to Mom and Dad.

They thought we were good and never bad.

We just didn’t care, we were all grown.

We knew everything, never had to be shown.


The consequences’ we never thought of.

We never thought twice, didn’t need that shove.

We thought we were treated unfair.

When our parents said, “No you are not going there!”

“But all my friends they all can go!”

The generation gap is showing, the parents just don’t know.

The teenage years are the hardest of all.

The pressure that’s there, you either handle or fall.

They just don’t realize that whatever they do.

Will follow them their whole life through.

As they mature with their own family they start.

That dumb Mom and Dad, how did they get so smart?

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