Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 25, 2015

Looking for me~by Nutan Sarawagi

These lines were inspired by my friend Bipul Banerjee ‘s beautiful poem ‘ The Quest ‘


Looking for me

In my heart as I searched ,
to find me beneath the earth
as i hastened in me , to find the me in it
the discerning me , to find me , lost in me !

was this the me , I was looking for ?
I heard me asking me ?
in it , I got the reply
no , it was not you , looking for me
as I sat faraway , looking for me !
to find you in me
looking for me !

now I look for you
no more !
i have finally
found you in me !

beneath the deep sea
in it’s bottom of me
to see it’s reflection of me
looking in the oceans of the sea !

as you wait far away from me
looking for me
never to go away
far away again from me !

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