Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 25, 2015

Lost in the woods~by rldubour



Lost in the woods

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Once upon a time as the story goes

Lived a little boy who had trouble doing what he was told.

His Mom and Dad would get so mad and send him off to bed.

This one day he would not listen and snuck outside instead.

Mom then saw him on the path and yelled to him to come right back!

But he did not listen, as he clutched his sack.

He ran and ran into the woods as far as he could go.

That’s when he knew he was lost, was where he did not know!


He was lost deep in the woods, what was he to do?

Now he wished he went to bed and started feeling blue.

He went in the direction; he thought would bring him home.

Now deep inside the forest and he was all alone.

He sat again beneath a tree and reached into his sack.

And wondered if he would find his way ever to get back.

The sun was going down as the darkness fell.

He dared not move a muscle, nor to scream or yell.


The animals were stirring, waken for the night.

His first night in the forest was to be a terrible fright.

He closed his eyes and shivered and thought about the beast.

And dared not open all night long, he feared he’d be the feast!

It just made him think of home and his Mom and Dad.

And wisher he did what he was told and all the things he had.

He now began to understand, that he was very wrong.

He said a prayer to Jesus that his Dad would come along.


Then a beast did grab him and shook him where he stood!

He screamed and screamed and screamed, now wishes he was good!

The beast kept shaking up and down for hours it did seem!

He opened up his eyes and knew he was not alone.

And since that dream this little boy, was grateful to be home.

He no longer would be bad and did what he was told.

And never again had that dream, this is how the story goes.

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