Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 28, 2015

Cigarettes~by rldubour




Are you one of them? Or are you one of those?

Or are you one that never had? Only you do know.

We’ll call them, the one that smoke, those we’ll call the X.

And the never had, well, will never did have a cigarette.

The ones that smoke know it’s wrong and it’s too hard to quit.

Especially with a cup of coffee, just seem a perfect fit.

The ones that never did, my hat goes off to them.

Never will they spend a day, coughing up that phlegm.


Now the X, there’re always first  to complain and criticize.

They must have forgotten they once were them in everybody’s eyes.

No doubt they are the worst, since they became an X.

Moan and groan and groan and moan about those cigarettes.

Now if you are one of them, I have no advice to give.

But, if you are in X, please learn to shut your lid.

Because every one of them, will someday become an X.

And they will never smoke again, another cigarette.


So, are you one of them? Trying to catch your breath.

Maybe you should think about, becoming one more X.

It’s up to you in what you do, I will not recommend.

If cigarettes are what you choose, you’ll just be one of them.

Now if you are an X, give them, a little break.

Just hope you quit in time, before it is too late.

And the never had, you are still not free.

From breathing in the smoke you see.

You can blame the them and blame the X.

For blowing smoke from that cigarette.

Are you one of them? Or are you one of those?

Or, are you one that never had? Only you do know.


  1. Ron, have to say well written, however being one of them, makes me feel as though I’m being discriminated.

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