Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 29, 2015

MY PRAYER (THANK YOU LORD)~by Ezzidio Rahman Conteh




You are the Almighty
King of earth and eternity
Great is your name
Worshiping you ,my aim

God of wonder
You are the provider
You alone I ask help
Your goodness, I step

For my life
The time I’ve live
To glory of layers
No reward but prayers

Thank you ,for my father
Thank you ,for my mother
For giving such parent
Glorifying you,will not relent

God of passion and meckness
Guide me,forget not thy goodness
Have mercy on me
Perfect am not ,but thee

Protect me oh lord
Going through, this world
The right place I pray
Oh lead me that way

Oh ! God ,Oh !God
Bless I am , by your word
Allways hearing my call
Saying thank you for all

God of all create
In you ,I keep my faith
Holy is your word
Hear my prayer oh Lord

Sign- Ezzidio Rahman Conteh

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