Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 30, 2015

Daily missive for Tuesday the 30th of June.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Tuesday the 30th of June.

What of sides?
We all have them
We take them too.
But what are they,
When what you show
Can mean so much,
And to hide away,
Adopt a facade,
Present yourself as different,
Take up a position people
Did not expect,
Provokes such approbation.
How can it be otherwise?
In this age of self promotion,
Instant access,
Freedom of expression.
The people’s right to know
Trumps privacy
And good manners every time.
And yet,
We still find a way
To spring a surprise.
And when we do
It can be a risk,
Seen as betrayal,
In someone’s eyes.
People can believe
It is their right to know you.
As if that is easy,
When so much can be missed
With the flash of a smile,
A whispered remark,
To cover the discomfort
We may not care to share,
In an everyday kind of way,
Where we sport a social side,
Support an open display
Of affection
And communication,
Within agreed limits
Awareness of personal space
And boundaries.
We keep disclosure
On the right side
Of acceptability,
Wear a friendly face
In the work space.
Up to the point
The mask slips
And we cannot help
But lose control
Of the carapace,
As the show smile slides.
Not even close to being
A truly dark side,
But still, a difference
Too difficult for some,
To adjust their expectations.
It seems,
We can be ostracised,
For being
More than we generally
Appear to be.
When transparency
Is the new norm,
Complex emotions are bad form,
If you learn to fake it,
You might make it.

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