Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 30, 2015

Peace Talks~by Norman Wilson



Peace Talks

Fireballs torridly torched opened the skies
Burning a blaze separating heaven before my eyes
Bursting flames igniting the buildings about
Demolishing stone to rubble in the meteors route

Hell has relinquished the earth into chaos
To a vanquished globe to an insurmountable loss
You could pinch fly wings out of the air
Sitting on soot and cinder hanging out there

Ferns aglow in red painted flames
Smoldering oceans boiling in molten black stains
As the reckoning of Hates has coated the earth
Giving evil mighty slings of a new found birth

Evil has abraded the world for ill-gotten deeds
As humanity has given in to the devil’s seeds
Stocking God’s world into ember blocks
For humanities inability to find peace in talks
All rights reserved 06/17/15
Norman Francis

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