Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 30, 2015

The woman in me !~by Nutan Sarawagi

These lines were inspired by my dear friend Anita Sahoo’s very inspiring poem
‘Give her wings ‘


The woman in me !

Love her as much as you !
Give her wings to fly in her own , to touch the sky high !
Until the sky reaches to touch her , down deep beneath her , in her to sigh !
In the beauty , you once bestowed on her , never diminishing in your eye !
To love her more and more ,as you climb high , to touch the rainbows in her eye!
as her eyes run into to the stars , to capture the stars shining in your eye !
to keep her share of her stars saved for you !
in you , in her love , as she sees you with love filled eyes
Oozing in love , like dew falling in the drops of her brooding eyes !
to share in it her love for you ,
to never go down ,with the sunset of another day , gone by !
to melt you , in the colours of her eyes ,
as it calls the night to end in it , to say goodbye !
to rise again in your love of another day , to meet the sun raining in your eye !
dawning to another day ,where the sun meets the clouds , in the distant horizon of the eye !
to catch you in the mountain winds , flying so high !
hidden , shying in you , not wanting to meet your eye !
bidding you adieu , in your love , to never meet you !
In you to say goodbye !
In your love of you , to forever lie in you !
In its love seeking a high !

A sigh escapes her sigh

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