Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 1, 2015

Class Distinction~by Norman Wilson



Class Distinction

Tides bound and held, entwined in restless sleep
Where hearts repair for approaching eve’s dreams
With eyes mesmerized in teary wide blood stains
Tearing the fabric of night into tiny timeless seams

Beauty slumbers as hearts weep menacingly
For illicit was her love in her dreams you see
As her walls come crumbling down for he and she
While in rest of sleep, she weeps for her love to be

They were from two different worlds by daylight
She was the beautiful debutante from the ball
He the blacksmith’s son with an anvil at my feet
Yet their love grew in dreams as the moon falls

Left in the dark of night’s dreams they wait
They wait for a moment to share their hearts
As tides, turn inward to their dreams of love
Dreams hidden then disappearing into the dark

Unbound by class distinction was love’s fallacy
Noble was the heart but not the anvil at his feet
Snatched away by pride of dreams no longer seen
As the blacksmith’s son walks alone on the streets
all rights reserved 06/17/15
Norman Francis

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