Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 1, 2015

I turn away from me ~by Nutan Sarawagi


I turn away from me

I am a beggar
I only give
I hate in others
Their love to give
I sit on the edge of the road
As they look at me
in their serpentile love
throwing pennies at me
with downcast eyes
as they turn away from me
to catch the pity in their eyes , reflecting in me
In their woes of life , caught in me
Reflecting their scoff
rebounding thrown off me
Avoiding eye contact
in their guilt of me
some look at me in hate
Loathe to see me
others look at me like dirt
to be kicked in to sea
they loathe my dirtiness grubiest unwashed palm
they don’t want to touch me , outstretched in my arms
as i touch theirs in me
not wantng to even get close to me
i am the leper of life
in my leperous me , they see me
i am their beggar , they don’t dare see me
i am the scum of the earth
in their tears of anguish
to tare away , their eyes from me
how they hate me , their vomit of life , they throw at me
as i try to encircle them in arms , to loath me
to the clinking of coins in alms
they throw in their box of me
to the dead sound of their hearts
to waken up in me
to the poverty of undernourished soiled souls
as hungry , i maybe , in their love of me
my stomach gnawing in it’s pangs , to eat me
To the sounds of crying humanity
as they open up their sounds in me
i call out to them , not hearing me
calling out to their love , to loathe me
wishing me away
in their hate
to hate me !

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